Bio: I am divorced and I have two grown daughters, a son who is grown, and 2 grandchildren. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant and am CEO of Here I Grow Again in Missouri and love it! I was a CNA (Nursing Assistant) and a Home Health Aid with the state of Indiana, have paralegal training. I have owned two businesses, been a real estate office manager, and computer/customer service experience. Most don't believe that I can be a very shy person and I overcome this fear everyday. I strive to be the best I can be in everything I do. I am human and can break at times. Maybe it's because I have such a big heart 🙂 I've come a long way in life and it's only getting better. There's nothing life can throw at me that I can't handle and love a challenge; it makes me stronger. I'm a nice person and try to go out of my way to help others. However, I am not one to be a push over and can be a bit stubborn. I stand up for what's right and believe in being non-judgmental. I think everyone deserves a chance and try to see the good in anyone. I enjoy blogging, the beach, home decor, spending time with my friends and family, music, movies, reading, travel, and so much more.

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